SP Erasmus

The main aim of the Strategic Partnership is to develop innovative strategies to boost mobility (especially in the field of military students mobility) or ways to remove obstacles to mobility between military academies in EU, providing more opportunities for students to gain additional skills trough study and/or training abroad.

Additionally, the project will contribute to developing the guidelines for coherent programmes in military academies in EU and will enhance cooperation between institutions of military education.

The final result of the project is to create an international mobility semester in all military academies in EU, which allows students to study abroad without obligation to pass programme differences.


Time Frame

  • PERIOD: October 2015 – October 2017


Project implementation - test phase (blended mobility)

During the first year of project duration 5 military academies developed the program of International Semester together with educational materials for students such as e-books and e-learning materials to all 11 modules defined as a common.

In December 2016 all modules recived status of common and it was the decision given by Implementation Group (IG) for the “European Initiative for the exchange of young officers inspired by Erasmus”.

The program of the International Semester as well as educational materials were tested by students from each partner institution during the second year of project’s duration.

The blended mobility used for test phase of the international semester involved e-learning (virtual) and traditional parts - residential classes in direct contact in selected partner academies.

Prior to the residential part, cadets had to pass the e-learning phase of each respective modules in order to participate in the classes hosted by 3 partner academies – NUPS, UoD and MULF.

Test phase consisted of:

  • virtual mobility;
  • 2 one-week residental meetings (hosted by NUPS and UoD);
  • two-week intensive program hosted by MULF.



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