SP Erasmus


  • Increase participant's knowledge and skills regarding military education demands and needs for future officers in Europe (especially in frame of: comprehensive approach, common operating environment, cultural awareness, defence and security economics, individual personal development and meta-communication, small unit tactics, leadership and agility in complex environments, battle physical, mental and survival training).
  • Training participant's ability (especially students) to cooperate in an international environment.
  • Developing new methods of exchanging military students in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme.
  • Developing a common program of education in the field of essential European military officers knowledge, developing educational materials (website, manuals, e-learning and e-books).
  • Increase cooperation between institutions.


The main goal of the project was to develop common program for International Semester dedicated to military students.

Working under the common modules, allow military academies to consolidate theirs academic syllabus, especially in the field of essential European military officers knowledge as well as Security and Defence Policy.

During the first year of project’s duration the program of International Semester which consist of 11 common modules as well as program of intensive course were developed.

During the second year of project duration E-books and e-learning materials to all 11 common modules were developed by partners institutions.

The program and the educational materials were tested and evaluated by the students form European countries.



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