The postgraduate programme in



This package is aimed at:

  • active teachers who want to obtain the methodological and technical competences enabling them to teach Security Education. Higher education graduates (in 1st- or 2nd-cycle programmes) with pedagogical skills can pursue these studies,
  • Polish Army officers and officers of other uniformed services who are moved to the reserve, and who, under reconversion, would like to obtain pedagogical competences (after completing a pedagogical course) skills to teach Security Education in primary and secondary schools.

The goal of the postgraduate programme in Security Education is to obtain interdisciplinary knowledge of the types and sources of contemporary threats, as well as of the prevention measures and rules for aid in circumstances of threat to human health and life in times of peace and of war. The knowledge and skills obtained by the students will contribute to improved professionalism and effective search for the solutions of problems faced in crisis situations.


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