The aim of the project is to develop innovative strategies to boost mobility (especially in the field of military students mobility) or ways to remove obstacles to mobility between military academies in the EU, providing more opportunities for students to gain additional skills through study and/or training abroad.

Additionally, the project will contribute to developing the guidelines for coherent tranning in military academies in the EU and will enhance cooperation between institutions of military education.

The final result of the project is to create an International Military Leadership Academy as a perfect addition to the study program, insisting on the practical methods of acquisition and improvement of interpersonal skills in international conditions.

International Military Leadership Academy – programme of 4 workshops.

Partner institutions have to develop in the frame of project four programs of workshops with the centres of excellence. This will allow them to develop leadership competencies in the following areas:

No Module/Workshop Responsibility
1. Stress Management POLAND
2. Leadership, Motivation and Influence POLAND
3. Leadership in Communication PORTUGAL
4. Crisis Management GREECE

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