This is already the second programme of student exchange with the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega (USA). This project resulted from the cooperation agreement between the Military University of Land Forces and the University of North Georgia, signed by Rector Commandant, Brig. Gen. Dariusz Skorupka, DSc, Eng.

On the basis of the agreement, the Universities have commenced reciprocal academic exchange and widely understood scientific cooperation. Cadets started this year’s exchange on 3 January by registering with the University early in the morning, and reported, together with 80 UNG cadets, for an afternoon meeting inaugurating the cadet course. The course tested the resistance to stress and fatigue of our cadets. They carried out a series of exercises which put great strain on all muscle groups. During the training, the instructors paid attention to the completeness of the cadets’ uniforms and checked whether they had notes with the pieces of knowledge they had to retain during the training. The course ended, on 07 January, with the diploma- award ceremony, and all cadets who had passed the training were conferred the rank of non-commissioned officer of the US Army. Our two Polish cadets were among the few who passed the training. They impressed the course organisers with their professional attitude, and also received the rank of non-commissioned officer of the US Army, thus starting their training as full members of the Corps of Cadets.
Four more months of difficult training and never-ending improvement await the cadets. We wish you good luck and successful training!


The Dean of the Management Faculty, Colonel Tomasz Smal, DSc, Eng., also started his three-month scientific internship at UNG. During the initial days of his stay, he met the University Authorities, including Dr. Bonita Jacobs, President of the University of North Georgia, Colonel James Palmer, Commandant of Cadets, and the teaching staff holding managerial positions. During the meetings Colonel Smal gave a vote of thanks for the cooperation and for choosing our University as a key partner of UNG in Europe. Colonel Smal will represent AWL in the many scientific and teaching projects. The first occasion for closer cooperation occurred on 24 January during the scientific symposium organised by the UNG Department of Political Science and International Affairs and the National Guard of Georgia, at which Colonel Smal presented a paper entitled “Logistical challenges in modern military operations”.


AWL cadets participate in student exchange organised by the oldest and the most-famous United States Military Academy at West Point (USMA). An account of their stay at USMA will appear on our website soon.


Rector Commandant’s visit to University of North Georgia

Rector Commandant, Brig. Gen. Dariusz Skorupka, DSc, Eng., led the delegation of our University, which included the Representative of the Rector Commandant for International Cooperation and Protocol, Colonel Krzysztof Klupa, PhD, and Vice-Dean for Military Affairs of the Management Faculty, Major Marcin Bielewicz, PhD. The delegation visited the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega (UNG). This Dahlonega-based university is the first American partner of AWL, with which we entered into a cooperation agreement during the June visit to Wrocław of Bonita Jacobs, President of UNG. The aim of the visit was to become familiarised with the structure of education at the American university and to determine further directions of cooperation with our university. It was also an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences as regards the training of land forces commanders, in particular the forming of the leadership competencies of cadets. Further fields of agreement were agreed on, including scientific internships of teaching staff and research and publishing cooperation. The latest element of cooperation will be the joint publishing of The International Journal of Security Studies, a journal reaching audiences worldwide, which promotes the publishing activities of cadets in the field of international security. Under the signed cooperation agreement, AWL cadets will start their studies at UNG as early as in January 2017, while AWL will host UNG cadets as part of the summer international semester in the 2016/2017 academic year. The Military University of Land Forces is developing international cooperation by collaborating with its European and American partners. Currently, in addition to cooperating with UNG and USMA at West Point, the University is negotiating collaboration agreements with the University of Charleston and Western Illinois University. Extended cooperation with foreign centres will provide cadets and teaching staff with greater opportunities to enrich their interests, competences and professional development. It will also facilitate participation in programmes organised by foreign partners of AWL for a greater number of individuals.

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