The International Military Leadership Course (IMLC), organised at the Military University of Land Forces by the Department of Management in cooperation with the Command Institute, entered the phase of practical implementation. Starting on 2 July 2018, officer cadets and foreign cadets underwent a weekly training at the “Wysoki Kamień” Training Centre in Szklarska Poręba.

As part of the first part of the course, held in the premises of the Military University of Land Forces, the students focussed on theoretical issues related to leadership and took part in a practical workshop on the subject. For another week, they were putting theory into practice during a field training exercise.

During the course at the “Wysoki Kamień” Training Centre, its participants perfected their navigation, map reading, and team communication skills during a march covering a distance of over 15 km. During a SERE class, which they were all required to pass as part of the course, they prepared themselves to be able to survive in difficult conditions on enemy territory. Students developed their abilities in areas such as planning, commanding in action, and decision-making, as well as leadership skills including communication, motivation, and taking responsibility for one’s decisions.

An interesting aspect of the course was finding an injured soldier who had gone missing in combat. In order to get in contact with the soldier, the participants first needed to solve a crossword and give the password. Then the injured shared information concerning the next task. As part of the same task, the participants had to make a stretcher in order to transport the injured soldier and climb a high wall using a self-made pyramid.

The course at the “Wysoki Kamień” Training Centre covers not only tactical classes. The instructors place special emphasis also on preparing future officers to effectively communicate and cooperate with the mass media, be able avoid sharing sensitive information, or act effectively when they find themselves in a crisis situation.

Text by: Maj. Marcin Jasnowski

Photos by: Cadet Private First Class Adrian Jastrowicz

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