A delegation of the Military University of Land Forces took part in another edition of the international Military Academic Forum (iMAF), organised by the National University of Public Service in Budapest.

This year’s sixth edition of the conference held between 18 and 21 June 2018, was attended by over 80 representatives from 24 military, civilian and police higher education institutions, as well as institutions supervising the training of future officers.

This year’s objective of the conference was to develop suggestions for new educational modules to be implemented in the future by European military universities based on the principle of mutual recognition. The participants also discussed common solutions concerning training courses for officer cadets in order to further standardise them.

During the conference, an event of significance to our community took place. The head of the Implementation Group at the EU, Lt. Harald Gell, D.Sc., announced that members of the Implementation Group made a unanimous decision about granting Honorary Membership to Ms. Anna Zamiar-Ziółkowska from the Military University of Land Forces. For the first time, an honorary membership was granted in 2017 to Greek General Mikhail Kostarakos, chairman of the Military Committee of the European Union.

During the iMAF, representatives of the AWL and a delegation from the Virginia Military Institute (USA) met in order to discuss possible areas of bilateral cooperation between the two universities, especially in terms of the exchange of cadets and the academic staff. At the end of the meeting, they decided to establish mutual cooperation, which is to be inaugurated by signing an official cooperation agreement.


The iMAF serves as a platform for educational and training cooperation between military universities from European Union countries organised under the auspices of the Implementation Group (IG). The idea was born in the Austrian Theresian Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt, which, in addition to the Military University of Land Forces, invited three other military universities to join the cooperation: the University of Defence in Brno (the Czech Republic), the University of Land Forces in Sibiu (Romania), and the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training at the University of Public Service in Budapest (Hungary). Starting from 2014, the universities, one after another, have organised successive editions of the forum. Each year, representatives of other universities specialising in officer training from Europe and all over the world are invited to attend the forum.

Text by: Lt. Col. Rafał Niedziela/Maj. Marcin Jasnowski

Photos by: Rafał Niedziela/NUPS

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