Between 20 and 26 April 2018 representatives of the Long-Range and Tactical Shooting Section, Military University of Land Forces, participated in the 47th edition of the Winston P. Wilson Championships and the 27th edition of the Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meet Sniper Championships which took place in the Fort Chaffee military base in Arkansas.

Our team competed with 20 professional sniper teams from the United States and four NATO member states (Poland, Denmark, Canada and Italy). Two AWL cadets, under the supervision of and with a significant substantive support of Cpt. Zbigniew Szymocha, lecturer from the Shooting Theory and Practice Department, completed tasks in the field of precision shooting, fieldcraft and other tasks of sniper teams. These included detecting and terminating masked targets at unknown distances, daytime and night-time shooting at moving targets, high-altitude and high-angle shooting, performing tasks under stress including transport of a wounded person, i.e. a 90-kilogram dummy, as well as shooting a 12.7-mm Barrett large calibre sniper rifle. Most shooting took place with a cold barrel with no possibility of improving the shot, which was quite a challenge, especially when the targets were set at unknown distances. The competition followed the “blind shot” principle, which means that the contestants did not know the next event to be completed.

During the competition, cadets used arms in service in the US Army, including sniper rifles .308 M110; .300 Win Mag M2010; .50 M107 Barrett, personal weapons - the M16 rifle calibre 5.56 mm and the M9 pistol calibre 9 mm.

The cadets supplemented their lack of experience with tremendous fortitude, involvement and a will to fight, which ultimately translated into their beating six professional teams and placing 15 in the general classification.

Text by Cpt. Marcin Jasnowski

Photos by Cpt. Zbigniew Szymocha

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