As part of the “Katedra Ad Hoc” programme, lecturers from the Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Ground Forces Academy in Lviv delivered their guest lectures.

“The invited guests from the Armed Forces General Command and the Territorial Defence Force Command, as well as the command and staff of the 16th Mechanised Division and the 12th Mechanised Division, brigades and the Army Training Centre attended the lectures in great numbers,” said the organiser of this undertaking, Head of the Command Institute, Colonel Jacek NARLOCH, PhD Eng.

Major Vasiliy Opryshko, senior lecturer in tactics at the National Ground Forces Academy, introduced Polish officers to the tactics of the mechanised and armoured troops of Ukraine on the basis of the experience derived from the latest armed conflicts. Colonel Oleksandr Timoschuk, Deputy Head of the Fire Training Department, National Ground Forces Academy, presented the experience and conclusions on the use of the airborne battalion which he had led in combat near Lugansk and Sloviansk. Lieutenant Colonel Taras Matsevko, Deputy Head of the Psychological Activities and Morale Department, National Ground Forces Academy, discussed the issue of psychological activities during the conflict in Ukraine and psychological assistance for soldiers who participated in this war.

Workshops which accompanied the lectures, conducted by Lieutenant Colonel Norbert Świętochowski, PhD, were an excellent opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences in the field of tactics of using troops in the conflict in Ukraine and psychological assistance for combatants.

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