The LFMA team won in the class of military training in one of the most difficult military competitions in Europe – “Italian Raid Commando - Lombardy 2017”.

Forty-five teams participated in the competition on 25-28 May 2017. The competitors had to display outstanding fitness and practical skills, verified in the individual stages of the competition. Poland was represented by the High-Mountain Training Section of the LFMA composed of Cadet Chief Corporal Piotr Dąbrowski, Cadet Sergeant Tomasz Kuś, Cadet Sergeant Maciej Łukaszewicz and Cadet Sergeant Patryk Dziuba.

The first day was kicked off with a firing-range exercise in Switzerland. It involved firing rubber rounds from a 40-mm grenade launcher at a target at a distance of 30 m. Next, the activities of an ambushed patrol were simulated. The task was to leave the vehicle, and for two people to fire 10 rounds from three stops within 90 s. The next task was to fire a pistol in three forced stances (3 shots per stance) from behind cover within 60 s. After that, the participants fired 18 shots from the Stgw 90 to a target at a distance of 300 m. The last task involved firing a sniper rifle. The score of the team from the High-Mountain Training Section was among the best. After completing the firing range, the contestants moved to Bisuchio (Italy) when the competition base was located.

A briefing for commanders began at 9 pm, during which they were introduced to the tactical situation. Furthermore, an order was given to conduct a reconnaissance patrol along a defined route in the opponent’s formation. The Section’s team departed after midnight.

The subsequent tasks for them to complete included: detecting an enemy vehicle column using night vision and preparing a status report, requesting artillery support in line with the call for fire procedure, preparing a relief table and planning an attack on a city district and patrolling the city. The contestants also had to determine the coordinates of the targets and describe them, assault the building, traverse an obstacle course and carry out an ambush as an international team.

These tasks were completed in subsequent points along a 35-km route. The total height difference was 1500 m, and minimum backpack weight was 10 kg.

Section members were the quickest on the finish line, yet again presenting their good preparation to mountain operations. The last day featured the official closing of the competition coupled with a parade in the town of Varese.

“We wish to extend our thanks to Uni-Sport - Singing Rock Polska, Templars Gear and Craq Sport - Black Diamond for lending us equipment which served us well during the competition,” said Cadet Chief Corporal Piotr Dąbrowski.


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