The LFMA team was among the best in the annual sniper competition organised by the National Guard Marksmanship Training Center at Fort Chaffee. They proved the best in shooting the high-calibre Barrett sniper rifle at various shot distances.

Twenty five snipers from various countries, including Italy, Canada, Denmark and military units of the US Army participated in the competition which took place on 21-28 April 2017. During the contest, its participants used the M110 7.62 mm sniper rifle, the M2010 .300 cal WIN. Magnum sniper rifle and the M107 12.7 mm sniper rifle. In addition, the sniper teams were equipped with the M4 5.56 mm carbine, the M9 9 mm pistol and day-night operation devices, including the PEQ-15, AMPUS-30, MISI Spotting Scope.

“As a rule, shooting took place with a cold barrel with no possibility of improving the shot, which was quite a challenge, especially when the targets were set at unknown distances. At this point, the teamwork between the spotter and the sniper was of key importance. Many a time, in the course of sniper missions, it was necessary to demonstrate one’s good skills in shooting personal weapons when fatigued, with elevated heart rate and respiratory rate,” said the supervisor of the Long-Range and Tactical Shooting Section, Sergeant Andrzej Juraszek.

Another element verified during the competition was the ability to observe the field. A significant role was played by laser rangefinders at the disposal of all teams. The organisers announced that next year they will attempt to evaluate target distance without the use of optical equipment,” informed Captain Zbigniew Szymocha.

The competition ended with an official ceremony of awarding the best sniper teams with prizes and distinctions.

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