The authorities of the Faculty of Security Studies met with Krystyna Trzepla and Ivan Majchut, PhD, visiting AWL within the “Katedra Ad Hoc” programme.

The Dean of the Faculty of Security Studies, Colonel Witalis Pellowski, DSc. Eng. welcomed the international guests and discussed the structure, plans and perspectives of the Faculty. He also invited the guests to publish and review articles in the faculty paper “Voice of Security Awareness”. The Deputy Deans Lieutenant Colonel Zbigniew Grobelny, PhD (Deputy Dean for Education), Lieutenant Colonel Piotr Szczepański (Deputy Dean for Student Affairs) and Major Barbara Kaczmarczyk, DSc (Deputy Dean for Research) discussed the scientific activities of the Faculty, including the implemented and planned research projects, the academic year plan, and research and teaching interests of the respective lecturers, and students’ successes in recent years. After that the guests talked about their research and interests, and a preliminary plan of international research projects, in particular in the field of environmental threats and analyses of civil and military operations in foreign missions.

After the meeting the Faculty authorities Krystyna Trzepla and Ivan Majchut, PhD, met with the faculty team for the quality of education. Lieutenant Colonel Zbigniew Grobelny, PhD, discussed the curriculum of the 1st- and 2nd-cycle studies and changes introduced in recent years to best suit the Ministry’s requirements. The team also described grade validation methods, focusing primarily on a transparent system comprehensible for students. The guests presented their suggestions for changes to the comparison of achievements and qualifications. Major Barbara Kaczmarczyk, DSc, Representative for Degree Conferral, discussed the new rules of awarding degrees, which were compared with the system used in Slovakia and at the University of California. Examples of diploma theses were presented in the specialism of Crisis Management and Local Security, both of which were positively assessed by Krystyna Trzepla and Ivan Majchut, PhD. The team and the guests compared the profiles of the graduates, with a focus on the knowledge, skills and competences of the Faculty of Security Studies and the graduates of foreign higher education institutions.

The next meeting was arranged at the end of the guests’ visit to evaluate and validate the classes.

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