The Military University of Land Forces is honoured to host Steven E. Horsley from the University of Charleston within the “Katedra Ad Hoc” project implemented under the supervision of the Ministry of National Defence.

This is another visit of this lecturer to our Academy within the “Katedra Ad Hoc” project. This time the guest stayed at the Leadership Department of the Management Faculty. During his visit at AWL, Steven Horsley is conducting a series of lectures and workshops on leadership.

The speaker is the former non-commissioned officer of the special forces, with combat experience obtained during operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and African countries. During his classes with cadets he will share his knowledge, focussing on the rules of effective time management and motivation, which are the knowledge foundations for a competent leader.

During the lecturers the guest will explain in detail the relationship between non-commissioned officers and officers and the resulting team-building principles as well as leadership skills in difficult situations, the understanding of which is crucial in the process of developing leadership skills among the future graduates of AWL.

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