French soldiers have arrived at the Military University of Land Forces.  Young officers from the Military Academy of Saint-Cyr Coetquidan will be doing an internship at the University within the framework of the agreement between the schools.

On Monday, January 13 of the current year, two French soldiers began a month-long internship at the Military University of Land Forces.

The head of the Department of International Cooperation and Social Communication, lt. col. Rafał Niedziela, met with the guests. During the meeting, information regarding the university was presented, including the main directions of the development of the University along with its most prominent achievements on the international front.

The first day of the internship was also an opportunity to acquaint the guests with the rich history and tradition of the University, its didactic and training base as well as the social and living conditions.

It is not the first time that the Military University of Land Forces hosts the allies from the Military Academy of Saint-Cyr Coetquidan. Every time, these internships are a great opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions among the Polish and French soldiers.  During their stay at AWL, the French officers were assigned to a school company within which they will carry out, among others, tactical, medical and skiing trainings, as well as trainings on close quarters combat and horse-riding. 

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