Another international semester at the Military University of Land Forces was inaugurated in March.  Representatives of 9 countries among the students and cadets.

Between March and June this year, 31 cadets and students from American and European universities (Austria, Belgium, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, the USA, Turkey, Hungary, Italy) are taking part in the international semester  organised at the Military University of Land Forces by the Career and Erasmus+ Program Office. Many attractions, presented during the inauguration meeting by officer cadets from the International Exchange Section, have been organised for these students. On the day of the beginning of the new semester, the foreign students also met the teachers who will conduct the classes, became acquainted with the plan of study visits, met their supervisors and found out about the conditions of cooperating with them as well as became familiar with the principles of cooperation with the International Exchange Section during their stay at AWL.  Everyone received schedules of classes which would be conducted within the framework of courses such as Cyber Security, Basic Military English or Military Leadership.

During their stay at the University, the foreign guests will learn about its history and rich didactic and scientific base.  During many trips to historically interesting places, they will be introduced to the history and culture of our country.

The most interesting undertakings carried out during the stay of the foreign guests in our country include: participation in sports competitions organised by the War Studies University in Warsaw (ASzWoj) and in the revenge organised by AWL, during which the foreign cadets and students staying at our university compete in various events, not only associated with sports, with the Erasmus students participating in the international semester at the ASzWoj, and guided tours in Warsaw, which will include visits to the Museum of Warsaw Uprising, the building of the Supreme Court or the Old Town of Warsaw. Students and cadets will visit the place of mass extermination of the prisoners of the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and the nearby city of Cracow.

In May, all participants of the international semester will travel to a Lower-Silesian castle, Książ, one of the largest castles in Poland and Europe, once known as the jewel of Silesia or the fairlytale castle.  

At the end of their stay at the Military University of Land Forces, the foreign cadets and students will participate in a meeting with Rector Commandant of AWL, which will summarise this year's international semester.


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