On 20 - 23 May of the current year, a delegation from the Military University of Land Forces partook in the 6th International Symposium of Military Academies (ISOMA 2019) in Stockholm, organised by the Karlberg Military Academy.

More than 50 representatives of 26 military universities, including several from outside of Europe - South Korea, Qatar, RSA, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Columbia, participated in this year's meeting.

The official opening of the symposium was carried out by: a representative of the Swedish Command of Military Forces, brig.  Brig. R. Askstedt, the superintendent of the South Korean Military Academy, lt. gen.  J. Chung, and the commandant of the Karlsberg Military Academy, lt. col. J. Falkholt.

The subject of this year's symposium was "Management of adaptation in military education and training". During its introductory session, speeches were given by the representatives of the Colombian Military Academy and the Italian Air Force Academy. The main deliberations were divided into three panels: The challenges of expansion; Adaptation of the strategic environment; Adjusting to social changes.

The issues discussed during the symposium concerned primarily the matters of adapting the systems of future officers' training and education to the changes associated with rapid technological advancement occurring in the contemporary world. These changes shape the contemporary youth  - the future candidates for officers, adapting to new technologies in no time, which forces changes in the approach to the preparation and conduction of the studies at military universities.

Very interesting, prospective technical solutions were presented by the representatives of our university partner from the Korean Military Academy.  They are targeted at supporting the training process of the future officers and the entire military forces, and include common solutions based on virtual reality, artificial intelligence, drone usage etc. 

The representatives of military universities from Holland, Australia and the USA indicated the necessity to develop skills of life-long learning in young officers, for the purposes of proper professional growth.  A very important competence, which should be acquired by military students, is inter-cultural intelligence; it will enable them to function better in the contemporary world and carry out their duties in various parts of our planet.

On the last day of the symposium, after summarising the discussion panels, the representatives of the Norwich University spoke, inviting the attendees to participate in the next meeting, which will be held at the university  in 2021.  The representatives of the Military Institute in Doha (Qatar) expressed willingness to organise ISOMA 2023.

This year's International Symposium of the Military Academies was also an opportunity to establish closer, bilateral scientific and didactic cooperation with foreign partners.  As a result, the Vice-Rector for Didactic Affairs and the deputy commandant of the Canadian Royal Military College signed the Memorandum of Understanding, which constitutes the first step towards formalising official, measurable cooperation between our universities in the near future.

Working relationship with the representatives of the Norwich University, which should soon result in joint research projects and publication of their results, have also been established.


International Symposium of Military Academies (ISOMA)  was initiated by the Military Academy in Seoul in 2007. Since then it has been organised every 2 years in various countries all over the world. Since 2017  the symposium has been organised under the aegis of the International Association of Military Academies (IAMA) appointed that very year, established during the previous symposium in Canada.  ISOMA is a platform which facilitates establishing and deepening cooperation as well as exchanging experiences by military universities from all over the world.


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