On 12-14 June of the current year  AWL delegation led by col. PhD Eng. Jacek Narloch, acting Rector Commandant, participated in the European Union Military Academies Commandants’ Seminar (EMACS) organised in Sibiu by the Romanian Land Forces Academy.

The annual meeting of the commandants of EU military academies is the most important European discussion forum, aimed at supporting the actual problems of military education institutions - by increasing the number of exchanges (including organisation of entire international semesters), mutual recognition of the results of training exchanges, increased use of the Erasmus mobility for university students and staff, opening the national educational opportunities for young European officers etc.

The European initiative for the exchange of young officers, inspired by Erasmus, is aimed at decreasing the barriers which can prevent free mobility of knowledge, skills and competencies of the future officers, their teachers and instructors between the European military universities and training centers.

More than 60 representatives of 26 military universities from 16 countries, including numerous rector-commandants, participated in this year's meeting. 

The seminar is organised regularly at the main military university of the state which holds the Presidency of the European Union in the first half of a given calendar year.  Our Academy was the host of the enterprise in 2011.

The meeting was inaugurated by a short film made for the occasion of the Romanian Presidency of the European Union Council, presented by the host of the meeting.  Next, the commander of the Military University of Land Forces gave a welcome speech followed by speeches of, among others, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, gen.  Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, the Director of the European Security and Defense College, Dirk Dubois, the Leader of the Implementation Group, col. Harald Gell and the Chief of Staff of Land Forces, maj. Gen. Ovidiu-Liviu Uifăleanu.

The participants of the seminar were acquainted with the didactic and training base of the Romanian university.  The meeting was also a great opportunity to hold bilateral talks between the representatives of military universities.

At the end of it, the representative of the Bundeswehr University of Hamburg, which will be the host of the next commandant meeting in 2020, spoke.


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