It is the seventh edition of the International Military Leadership Course (IMLC 2019) organised by the Military University of Land Forces.   From 24 June to 4 July, at the university Mountain Training Center "High Rock" in Szklarska Poręba, we hosted course participants from as many as 9 countries.

Within the framework of this year's course, instructors, cadets and officer cadets from Austria, Greece, Holland, South Korea, Latvia, Poland, Romania, USA and Italy visited the Military University of Land Forces.

During the practical classes targeted at cooperation in international teams, the participants of the course performed tasks perfecting their leadership skills within the framework of the classes on Principles of LeadershipCritical Thinking, Media Awareness, Land Navigation, Team-building, Negotiations, SERE, Troop Leading Procedures in the field as well as using the VBS3 tactical simulation system.

As the long-term organisers of the enterprise, lt. col. PhD Marcin Bielewicz and maj. PhD Piotr Pietrakowski, emphasise, the program of each edition is enriched by modern solutions in terms of competence shaping and the experiences gained in operations beyond the borders of the country. Despite the distinctly military nature of the course, the diverse classes focus mainly on the development of the so-called soft  skills.  Strong emphasis is put on the skills associated with communication, cultural awareness, motivation, teamwork, empathy, creative thinking and decision-making under the pressure of time. All if it in situations of stress and physical fatigue. Moreover, all classes were held in English, thus enabling development of language skills.

The International Military Leadership Course is the  main element of the international training offer of the University, and has been organised continuously since 2013.  Having undergone a number of modifications over the period of 7 years, it has maintained its nature of a training enterprise targeted at shaping leadership competencies, team-building and international cooperation.  For years, it has been bringing together instructors and officer cadets from many friendly military universities from Europe and the United States, and, this year, also from South Korea. 

It is worth emphasising that the IMLC course is one of the most important leadership-related training enterprises organised by military universities of the European Union as part of the European Initiative for the Exchange of Young Officers, inspired by Erasmus (EMILYO) , also known as Military Erasmus.

On the last day of the struggles in Szklarska Poręba, all participants of the course received certificates confirming its completion.


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