On 14 - 27 July of the current year, the Military University of Land Forces organised an Intensive Course within the framework of the Strategic Partnership Project  International Military Leadership Academy  (IMLA); the course was targeted at developing leadership skills in students of European Union military academies.  It constitutes a part of a two-year-long international project carried out by AWL in cooperation with military universities from Portugal and Greece.

During over 100 hours of training, carried out under the supervision of teachers and instructors from AWL, European partner universities and the USA, a group of 48 officer cadets from Greece, Portugal and Poland participated in classes on: Stress Management, Motivation and Influence, Leadership in Communication or Crisis Management. During the classes, great emphasis was put on interpersonal communication, teamwork and the decision-making skills.  While carrying out tasks in international teams, the participants faced challenges limited by time pressure, and an adequate amount of stress and fatigue.

During the first week, the participants were responsible for conducting classes as instructors within the framework of the module in which they participated in March of the current year.  During the second week, teachers from all partner states conducted additional classes on their subjects, and the instructors from the USA introduced the participants to the topic of Mission Command.  The workshops were quite diverse.  Cadets and officer cadets were developing their soft skills by working in an international environment and perfected their decision-making skills in crisis situations.

An integral part of the Intensive Course were the classes during which the e-learning techniques, which the program participants had been carrying out remotely before arriving in Wrocław, were used.  The online classes included the entire theoretical part of students' preparation for the practical classes of the Intensive Course, and contained additional content thanks to which the students could gain the desired knowledge and skills.

The main idea behind the IMLA Strategic Partnership Project was to develop modern mobility strategies of military students among the military universities in the European Union.  Such solutions are to provide the future officers with bigger opportunities of acquiring new skills and competencies resulting from studying at foreign universities.  The Intensive Course is the most important training enterprise of the IMLA project.


The Military University of Land Forces is the originator of the International Military Leadership Academy, and leads the consortium of military universities carrying out the project.  It was the first university in the European Union which was granted the consent and financing of two subsequent Strategic Partnership Projects in the position of a leader in the years 2015 - 2017 and 2017 - 2019.

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