On 18 September of the current year, the Military University of Land Forces in Wrocław hosted representatives of national and foreign universities and institutions at the Second Dissemination Event on the results of the Strategic Partnership Project International Military Leadership Academy (IMLA).

On behalf of the Rector Commandant, the participants of this most important undertaking of the international project were welcomed by the Vice-Rector for  Scientific Affairs at the Military University of Land Forces, DSc Eng. Adam Januszko. The meeting was attended by the representatives of 20 military universities, institutions and private sector companies from 11 countries, which additionally emphasises high interest in the subject matter of the project.

The Military University of Land Forces, as the leader of the consortium of military universities forming a partnership together with universities from Greece and Portugal, presented the results and experiences from the implementation of the Project. The issues discussed included activities undertaken within the framework of the project in order to strengthen the bonds between the partner universities and their potential as well as to shape cadet leadership skills and competences, namely workshops for teachers, combined mobility and intensive courses. The International Project Team presented the experiences from the implementation and the possibilities of implementation of particular Modules: Leadership, Motivation and Influence, Crisis ManagementStress Management and Leadership in Communication.

The didactic materials prepared within the framework of the project, including programs of didactic modules, books and e-learning courses, were presented. Particular attention was paid to the presentation of an exceptional collection of interviews with commanders from Poland, Portugal and Greece, under the common name of My Path to Leadership, constituting both didactic material and a source of inspiration.   The people who gave the interviews included, among others, the Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces and the former Operational Commander of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.

As part of Line of Development 9 – Future Projects, convened for this purpose, the following ideas and international project initiatives were presented during the second part of the meeting: Strategic Partnerships, scientific and research Projects, and the newest initiative of the European Commission - European Universities. It will be the subject of the future working meetings of the LoD9 team.

The President of the Implementation Group of the European Union also spoke, stressing the importance of such initiatives as the International Military Leadership Academy, and the extensive experience of AWL in terms of implementation of large projects for the development and enhancement of the European Initiative for the Exchange of Young Officers (the so-called  Military Erasmus). He also emphasised that it was the experience and expert knowledge of the AWL project team that prompted the Implementation Group to entrust the Leadership in one of the task teams -Future Projects (LoD9) - to the Academy.

Summarising the course of the meeting, the Coordinator of the IMLA project and head of LoD9, lt. Marcin Bielewicz, indicated the extensive opportunities for the implementation and flexibility of the IMLA program, which can be successfully applied by military and civil universities, training centers and the industry.  He also emphasised that the presented ideas and project initiatives can be used in multiple ways for the purposes of developing cooperation between military universities in European Union as well as in civil and military consortia, or in cooperation with the industry.

The aim of the implementation of the international project led by AWL is to effectively support the officer training process at military universities in the EU member states. 

The participants of the Strategic Partnership Project "International Military Leadership Academy"


Text and photographs: AWL

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