On 9-17 November this year, International Cadet Week took place in Dahlonega, Georgia (USA). The organizer was the University of North Georgia Senior Military College. The Military University of Land Forces was represented by Sergeant Cadet. Bartosz Kempski. Along with him there were invited students from: South Africa, Georgia, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Japan, Argentina, South Korea, Taiwan and Hungary.

The aim of the visit was to familiarize them with the University of North Georgia and to deepen international cooperation between military universities from different countries. The invited cadets learnt the specificity of the school, its structure and its didactic and training base. They also took part in a trip to the capital of North Georgia - Atlanta.

During the following days they took part in didactic classes with American cadets, participated in training at the shooting range at the University and participated in a two-day scientific symposium on „Soldier-Leaders in the Age of AI: The Future of Pre-Commissioning Education”. The symposium included the "Sci-Fic Story Constest", in which Sergeant Cadet. Bartosz Kempski was awarded the prize. The participants of the International Cadet Week also had the opportunity to witness the promotion at the Ranger School in Fort Benning, and visited the American Infantry Museum.

text and photos: AWL

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