On 7 November 2019 the Military University of Land Forces hosted a teleconference entitled "Peace-building - learnings for Poland from the Northern Ireland peace process".

General John de Chastelain was the guest of the event, organized by the Educational Department in cooperation with The Bridge Foundation and  Lt. Col. Norbert Świętochowski and Mr Adam Koniuszewski, founder of the foundation led this Canadian-Polish integration.

The meeting was very popular among cadets, especially in the fourth and fifth year, who filled the cinema room almost to the last place. - If you want peace, prepare for war - said the general, recalling the well-known words of the Academy, emphasizing at the same time that nobody cares about peace more than the soldiers themselves.

Asked about the advice he could give the cadets, he said: - Do what your country expects of you. Try to understand the basic aspects of your profession and use your experience to fulfil your role. As leaders, try to understand the needs of your subordinates and strive for perfection.

Asked about his attitude towards Poland's participation in the UNIFIL mission, he expressed great joy and confidence that the cooperation, especially with the Irish side, which is the framework state of the battalion, to which Poles will join, will prove very fruitful. By wishing him much success, General de Chastelain stressed that in the near future the Polish military would play a key role and the cadets would be the leaders who would contribute to the successes. 

text and photos: AWL

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