From 26 to 31 January 2020 Hrubý Jeseník hosted the 26th  Winter Survival, 2020 Winter Outdoor Polyathlon Championships of the Army of the Czech Republic organised by the University of Defence in Brno. 19 teams from the Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland took part in the competition. The Polish team was composed of three female 4th-year cadets of the General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military Academy of Land Forces, who are active members of the High Altitude Training Section.

The first part of the competition was mainly devoted to taking actions and surviving in winter conditions, skitour skiing along the ridges of Hruby Jeseník with full equipment, and surviving in the forest. The first day of the competition included completing a twenty-seven kilometer march on a designated route from Ovčárni pod Pradědem. During the march, the soldiers had to perform tasks such as: cross-country skitour skiing around the upper Dlouhé Stráně reservoir, descending with a load in the field, and searching in the avalanche danger area. During the second day, the competitors had to demonstrate their ability to read the map, overcome various obstacles (including rope bridges), perform fast descents, ability to create lift systems, and biathlon shooting. On the third day, the competitors had to climb on rigged paths, give first aid, and perform a timed march with a load.

 The second part of the competition was devoted to the finals, which included a relay race combined with a grenade throw and transportation of an injured person. Each year the disciplines are more and more sophisticated, while the race has gained a huge reputation over the years. On the first day as many as three teams have resigned from the competition. Despite one the competitors getting injured, the Polish team has managed to get through the first day. Unfortunately, the injured comptitor was forced to resign from the competition. The rest of her teammates have joined the Czech teams from Prague and Opava, in which they have completed the three-day march with tasks.

Due to the prestigious nature of the competition, the main goal of the female team was to finish it. The Polish female competitors have been undergoing High Altitude Training sessions for several months in order to prepare for the competition. Thorugh the cooperation with foreign team members in difficult winter mountainous terrain, the cadets had an opportunity to gain experience and to prove themselves as the members of the General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military Academy of Land Forces.

Winter Survival Czechy 2020

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Winter Survival Jeseníky 2020

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text: Platoon Cadet Julia Biernaczyk

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