"Fight smart not hard" – this was the motto of cadets and professional soldiers participating in the international exercise Combined Resolve XIII in Hohenfels. It was held in the American Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) in Bavaria from 16 January to 6 February 2020. The training gathered soldiers from 17 countries, including approximately thousand soldiers from Poland.

Twenty 4th year cadets with specialisation in mechanised infantry of the 22nd school company and officers of the Military University of Land Forces: Maj. Robert TOMASIK and Capt. Anna WOJACZEK – performed tasks as part of the battalion grouping of the 17th Wielkopolska Mechanised Brigade in Międzyrzecz.

The AWL officers acted as observers and conciliators in the field, participating in the planning phase and then supervising phase of the exercise. During the implementation of tactical actions in the field, they were assigned to full-time OCT teams (Observer – Coach – Trainer) of JMRC, which are added to training subunits.

The cadets were assigned to perform their duties on the positions of team commanders, KTO Rosomak crew commanders, platoon and company assistant commanders, as well as on internal staff positions in the personnel, reconnaissance and operational units. Participation in the exercise enabled cadets to verify the knowledge gained during their education at the AWL and to broaden their practical skills in the field of command and control, work with equipment and international cooperation.

Using the American simulation system (MILES), taking military actions against subunits playing the role of an opponent's forces as well as imitating the functioning of a non-military side, including civilians, contributed to the high level of realism of the exercise.

The main and simultaneously the most intensive phase of the exercise was a ten-day tactical action, in which the soldiers had to face not only an experienced opponent, but also they had to deal with demanding terrain and changeable weather. The variety of tasks performed enabled the soldiers of the Academy to build a knowledge base of new experiences which will certainly prove to be useful during further education at the AWL, as well as in the first service posts after graduation.

During the CBR XIII exercise, a strong emphasis was placed on the ability to work in teams built on the basis of different types of troops. Lessons learned may result in successful cooperation with allied countries during the joint implementation of tasks in the future.

text: sierż. pchor. Paweł Młynek

photos: AWL

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