Between 14-21 February 2020, members of the Long-Range Shooting and Tactical Shooting Section of the Military University of Land Forces took part in the 49th edition of Winston P. Wilson (WPW) Championships and the 29th edition of the Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meet (AFSAM) Sniper Championships.

A two-person sniper team: Sgt. Cdt Krzysztof ROKICKI and Sgt. Cdt Krzysztof CHAPSKI, trained by Maj. Zbigniew SZYMOCHA from the Territorial Defence Section and junior warrant officer Paweł ŚWIERZKO from the Shooting Theory and Practice Section, took 14th place out of 27 competing professional sniper teams from all over the United States and from three allied countries (Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands).

The teams faced numerous competitions in: precision shooting, fieldcraft and general sniper team cooperation. Those included, among other things, the detection and elimination of masked targets at unknown distances, day and night shooting moving targets, altitude shooting, performing tasks under stress with carrying the injured person – a dummy weighing approx. 90 kilograms.

Most of the shootings were cold barrel ones, i.e. without the ability to improve shooting accuracy, which was quite a challenge, in particular that the targets were located at unknown distances. The whole competition was held according to the "blind shot" principle, which means that the competitors did not know the type of next discipline. During the competition, cadets used sniper rifles in service in the American army: .308 M110, .300 Win Mag XM2010 and sidearms: 5.56 mm M16 assault rifle and 9 mm M9 pistol.

The most important achievements of the Polish national team in this year's edition of the championship include: a valuable shot at a target of 100x50 cm from a distance of 1365 meters and night shooting moving targets at 560 meters using PEQ-15 and STORM-1 devices.

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