In international cooperation, the end of the year brings a lot of work. In October 2017, we completed the implementation of the innovative Strategic Partnership project, and have already started a new one – the International Military Leadership Academy.

As a result of our work on the completed project, together with our European partners from military universities in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania, we have developed a programme for an international semester for military students. AWL’s cooperation with partner universities, as well as its readiness and openness to implement new educational international endeavours, have borne fruit in the preparation of a concept for another project – the International Military Leadership Academy – which is being implemented together with military universities from Greece, Portugal and Italy, with substantive support provided by representatives of American military academies. The project aims to not only respond to the current educational needs of military higher education, but also to contribute to the strategic objectives of the Military University of Land Forces in terms of devising training programmes dedicated to the development of leadership skills of military students and officers. The project’s main objective is to devise joint education modules which would develop the leadership competences of future officers from EU Member States. Four international short refresher courses (including learning-support materials), and three training centres for commanders-leaders, will be developed within the project, to shape the leadership skills of military students and officers from EU Member States. In the project, the Military Academy from Portugal is responsible for preparing the programme of workshops and teaching materials in “Leadership and communication”. The Greek Military Academy will prepare the programme of workshops in “Crisis management”. Our University will organise 2 workshops in “Stress management” and “Motivating and influencing”.

The implementation of an intensive course - “Leadership in Practice” - will complement the topic of the aforementioned workshops. We will host the course (June-July 2019) during which students will be subjected to external stimuli (based on the use of leadership skills training) affecting the way they make decisions. The classes will be conducted by experienced teachers from the Military University of Land Forces and from partner universities involved in the project. We are also planning to invite lecturers from other reputable European and American military universities. Competence workshops for teaching staff from individual partner universities are also planned during the project implementation, and will involve the exchange of “best practices”, as well as the organisation of two conferences disseminating the results of the project. One of these events will be organised by AWL. By implementing the project, we plan to unify the system of identifying and improving leadership skills, including the shaping of the desired system of values of future commanders.


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