14 soldiers and staff members of the Military University of Land Forces, 12 motorcycles, and nearly 4 thousand kilometres of European roads are covered. The 2nd Motorcycle Rally to Commemorate General Stanisław Maczek organised by the Military University of Land Forces ended on 15 June.

Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defence, took honorary patronage of the rally. The 2nd Motorcycle Rally to Commemorate General Stanisław Maczek “Following the combat trail of the 1st Armoured Division” started on 8 June at 8.30 am on the assembly square, on which farewell was officially bade to our friends associated with the Uniformed Motorcycle Brotherhood. Over the previous eight days they had driven nearly 8 thousand kilometres to pay tribute to the soldiers of the 1st Armoured Division killed during World War II, resting in cemeteries in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. They visited, among others, Caen, where nearby, on Omaha Beach, the soldiers of General Stanisław Maczek started their fighting route. Next they arrived in Ypres, the site of the largest Polish war cemetery from the time of fighting in France during World War II. They also visited Lommel in Belgium, the country’s largest Polish necropolis, and Breda in the Netherlands. General Stanisław Maczek was awarded honorary citizenship of Breda, a city with a monument to the 1st Armoured Division. Moreover, they reached Arnhem – Oosterbeek – the final resting place of 73 Poles from the 1st Independent Parachute Brigade. The commemoration of the 74th anniversary of the landing of the 1st Polish Armoured Division soldiers in Normandy was an opportunity to place occasional wreaths on the graves of our soldiers on behalf of the entire AWL academic community. Rector Commandant Brig. Gen. Dariusz Skorupka, DSc, Eng., wished the motorcyclists good luck on their rally, and congratulated them on their initiative and involvement in popularising and disseminating historical knowledge, and fostering patriotic attitudes, by informing people about the history of the bravery and heroism of Polish soldiers. He also noted that the Rally to Commemorate General Stanisław Maczek, following the route of the 1st Armoured Division, fits perfectly into the celebrations commemorating the 100th anniversary of Poland’s regaining independence.

This has already been the second initiative of our Uniformed Motorcycle Brotherhood of the Military University of Land Forces. Last year, our motorcyclists reached Monte Cassino, where they represented our academic community during the national commemoration of the battle, the success of which was greatly influenced by the contribution of soldiers led by General Anders.

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