At the Military University of Land Forces a conference devoted to the issues related to security of Central and Eastern Europe has finished. This is the first conference at the Wroclaw University, which gathered so many national and foreign experts.

- The Security of Central and Eastern Europe countries conference is undoubtedly a platform for exchanging valuable reflections on the security of Central and Eastern European countries. The discussion conducted on the grounds of military sciences, political science or sociology is important as it often influences the practical sphere - stated Mariusz Błaszczak Minister of the National Defence, in his letter to participants of the conference which was read during the conference inauguration.

- The results of scientific research on the one hand help to explain and understand the reality, as well as to identify threats in advance. On the other hand, these results help to make decisions that are most beneficial for the state and security of Poland and its allies - wrote the Minister of National Defence.

The AWL Rector Commandant, Gen. Brig. DSc Eng. Dariusz Skorupka, when opening the conference in Wrocław appealed to the audience to make an effort that the cooperation carried out at the military level will result in an increase of the sense of security among the citizens.

- Our cooperation is very important, bearing in mind the fact that it is very difficult to oppose a potential risk independently, on the national level. Only by working together we are able to increase the level of our security - said the AWL Rector Commandant to the gathered audience.

The conference, started on Wednesday (20 March 2019), was organized for the first time at the Military University of Land Forces. It was the biggest, international event at the University existing since 1 October 2017, and being regarded as the elite of military academies in Europe. Several representatives of foreign military universities took part in the conference. The speakers and guests included representatives of the National Security Bureau, the National Development Council beside the President of the Republic of Poland, the Military Erasmus Implementation Group beside the European Union, the Baltic Defence College in Tartu (Estonia), the Joint Multinational Preparedness Centre of the 7th Command. The U.S. Army (JMRC) in Hohenfels (Germany), commandos of European military academic centers and commanders of military units.

The most important subject of this year's meeting was the threats posed by Russia to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The speakers during their speeches drew attention to hybrid conflicts, their origin and potential development scenarios based on the Russian military strategy. It was also stressed that the Russian approach towards armed conflict is still evolving and all the signals from East should be observed with due consideration, in order to be prepared for various scenarios.

During the conference, a dynamic demonstration of cadet training was prepared, including: activities of EOD/IED patrol, combat patrol, quick reaction forces ( QRF), as well as emergency services and MEDEVAC, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The guests had also the possibility to see the military equipment on the training ground in Rakowo Wielkie (KTO Rosomak, Medical Evacuation Vehicle on the platform KTO Rosomak (WEM), 120 mm Rak, 122 mm WR-40 Langusta, 152 mm Dana, Self-propelled Missile System POPRAD, etc.).

On the last day of the conference (22 March 2019), the participants worked in syndicates focusing on identifying the biggest threats in the field of traditional military and hybrid, cybernetic and IT, economic, cultural and social threats. Moreover, the guests were acquainted with the rich didactic and training base of the Military University of Land Forces.


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