The Military University of Land Forces held a scientific conference "Educating Polish Army Officers - opportunities, challenges, barriers". The speakers analysed current process of study for cadets carried out at the military academies, as well as they discussed its effective optimization.

The Faculty of Management at AWL, within the framework of the Polish Scientific Conference, invited eminent guests to Wroclaw: the Head of the National Defence Committee - MP Michał Jach, MP Andrzej Smirnow and the voivode of Dolnośląskie Voivodeship - Paweł Hreniak. Among the invited guest there were also representatives of the Chief Education Officer of Dolnośląskie Voivodeship, Ministry of National Defence Departments, universities and military entities and institutions, as well as representatives of the world of science.

All guests were welcomed by Colonel, PhD Eng. Jacek Narloch, acting Rector Commandant at AWL, who expressed his satisfaction with the fact that education of the Polish Army Officers is an issue that arouses interest not only in the military environment.

- The significance and interdisciplinary character of the problems accepted for scientific analysis by the organizers is distinctly proved by the fact that our conference was organised under the patronage of the Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of National Education or the Head of the National Defence Committee (...). I also strongly believe that the Military University of Land Forces is a suitable place to discuss the topics that are the area of interest of our conference - said Colonel PhD Eng.  Jacek Narloch.

The AWL Rector Commandant, Gen. Brig. DSc Eng. Dariusz Skorupka, currently residing at the Military Academy at West Point, wrote a letter addressed to the participants of the conference. He pointed out that the scientific conference organized at the University plays a significant role of the educational system for our cadets, as it gives an opportunity for open discussion, assessment of the reality, as well as it makes possible to seek for optimal solutions. He emphasized that if AWL would not “open the cadets minds” for knowledge, teach them analytical thinking and arm them with courage which is required to make significant, responsible, and sometimes risky decisions, and additionally, what is important – maybe even the most important thing – if the University would not build their morals – they will not learn these skills attending any course. Therefore, their education is treated as fundamental for development of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland , as well as for national security.

All the speakers in their speeches emphasized that the contemporary theatre of military actions requires from the commanders continuous broadening of knowledge, creativity, sense of social responsibility and development of professional competences and skills. They mentioned that the modern battlefield requires harmonious cooperation with local communities, as well as skilful prevention of information warfare attacks. In the Polish Army, as in all allied armies, intensive programs are implemented aimed at improving recruitment processes and shaping leaders – professionals leading modern military activities, in particular with regard to hybrid warfare. These activities are aimed at educating officers being able to prevent different form of cyber attacks using innovative information technologies such as: robotization and automation, as well as officers who use artificial intelligence in the process of command.


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