Leadership Programme, long awaited by commanders, was established two years ago by the Military University of Land Forces. It is an excellent starting point for the implementation of LEADER DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM (LDS) aimed at comprehensive preparation of graduates to effective execution of tasks on the modern battlefield. This system will be a continuation of the Military University's achievements so far with regard to tasks related to the leadership competences development.

The Leader Development System, which will be fully implemented in the Military University of Land Forces, will be based on special purpose integration of development related to particular personal traits and substantive, athletic and social competencies acquired by cadets during course of study. This system will be based on American experience in line with the West Point Leader Development System currently by the United States Military Academy (USMA), as well as on academic experience gained thanks to extensive international cooperation within the scope of implemented projects and ongoing courses.

The Leader Development System, on the one hand, is based on coordinated and multi-faceted activities aimed at shaping the strong character of future commander who identifies himself with ideals important for citizen-soldiers, including in particular sense of duty, honour, patriotism and ethics. On the other hand, the system being implemented aims at achieving excellence in shaping and developing leadership competencies by delivering professional knowledge during the classes. The aforementioned knowledge is enforced by the practical expertise of lecturers and instructors. Emphasis will also be put on the method of passing on the knowledge. It will be communicated not only by the lecturer (instructor) to cadet, but also among cadets themselves, in line with the programme realized at the Military Academy at West Point.  

The programme being implemented will serve as the basis for development of critical thinking and creative problem-solving. During the course of study, cadets will participate in workshops and projects which will provide them with substantive knowledge required for independent problem-solving and cooperation within working groups. The model being implemented in AWL will be a combination of tactical and operational experiences of the Land Forces, interdisciplinary knowledge and  the best world trends in the field of organization and didactics.

A field of study, that has been extended by new issues, will constitute an integral part of the system, as regards didactics. This study programme will be aimed at effective shaping of leadership competencies required for effective leadership in modern tactical activities among cadets. Graduate's leadership competencies that are formed in an appropriate way, constitute an important aspect of competencies in modern world.  Thanks to such approach, we will create the so called "character leaders", who will demonstrate high effectiveness in realization of tasks the 21st century officer must face.

Caring for a good physical condition - that is required to shape stress resilient warrior’s character - constitutes an important aspect of the cadet’s personal development and shaping his leadership skills that are desirable. Physical education program carried out at the Academy is aimed at developing cadet's leadership competencies within the scope of self-motivation, team building, as well as influencing their psychological and physical which are desirable in the leadership process. This development will take place through basic physical education classes, physical fitness tests, as well as practising professional and extreme sports by cadets, constantly motivating them to self-development.

Text: AWL

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