Wrocławskie Hospicjum Bonifratrów [Wrocław Hospice of Hospitaller Order of the Brothers of Saint John of God] is a place where volunteers from the Military University of Land Forces not only have the opportunity to do good, but also learn what true humility, hope and desire to live mean.

The same was also true during the last visit. The cadets from the Academic Ministry "Nieśmiertelni" ["The Immortals"], together with the chaplain of the university, Priest  Capt Maksymilian Jezierski, brought a lot of joy to the hospice in exchange for a priceless lesson of life.

During the meeting, the cadets had the opportunity to help patients in their everyday routine tasks. They served dinner, accompanied the patients during the meal and cleaned the garden. They also invited the patients to sing patriotic and religious songs together. Whole-hearted smiles and tears of emotion appeared on the faces of patients and volunteers.

As Cdt Sgt Remigiusz Trybus, who visited the Hospice for the first time emphasises: - I learned an incredible lesson of humility. I don't think you can experience anything like that in any other place. We give these people a little joy and they teach us how beautiful life is.

The student of the first year, Pte Cdt Sebastian Kosałka also shared his thoughts - Meeting with suffering people changed my thinking and made me realise that life must be respected.

One of the experienced volunteers, Cdt LCpl Karolina Kuźmińska said that after every visit to the Hospice she feels happier because she can offer selfless help to those in need.

The meeting at the Hospice was not only an episode, but a confirmation of the constant volunteer activity from the Military University of Land Forces to the patients of the Wrocław hospice.


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