The patrol exercise "Cambrian Patrol" is an opportunity to verify one's skills in warlike conditions. This year's edition was organised for the 60th time by the 160th Welsh Brigade in Brecon and attracted over 130 teams from 34 countries.

The Military University of Land Forces team competed for 2 days with other patrols in the extremely demanding Cambrian mountains in Mid Wales. The teams performed their tasks in 8 stages. Each team had to cover a distance of 60 km with tactical equipment weighing 35 kg and a SA80 rifle.

AWL cadets associated in the Combat Action Section were preparing for the exercise for a month, using, among others, the Mountain Training Centre "Wysoki Kamień" and the University's training facilities. Using the available materials and experience of teams from previous years, they trained every aspect tested in the competition.

During the competition, the cadets dealt with such tasks as: crossing a contaminated zone, performing full decontamination, crossing a secured bridge, penetrating into the opponent’s position, recognising the object and preparing a report from the information obtained. In order to return to their own army goup, the patrol had to cross at night a 50 m wide water barrier with only the crossing bags at its disposal. The cadets were also given the task of completing the  opponent's minefield crossing and securing the victims of an improvised explosive device (IED) explosion in the area of the training city with simultaneous securing of the site, calling for MEDEVAC and handing over the MIST report, all in accordance with TCCC standards.

During the activities, the cadets also called for fire support of the artillery under the CALL FOR FIRE procedure, used the British army communication equipment, and had to identify the profiles of military equipment in time. The last task was to attack a fortified enemy force base and perform procedures related to the detention of the prisoner of war (POW), which required cadets to use their knowledge and tactical skills, knowledge of rules of engagement (ROE) set for the duration of the exercise and the law of armed conflict (LOAC).

At the end, each team reported on the whole activity (DEBRIEFING). A seemingly easy task required a great deal of concentration and answering very detailed questions regarding the tasks and the course of the exercise, which, given the exhaustion and hypothermia after several dozen hours of performing different activities, turned out to be a great challenge.

In the end, AWL representatives completed their activities in a record time of 42 hours, being fastest among all the teams of this year's edition of Cambrian Patrol. AWL team was awarded a silver medal.

Members of AWL team: Cdt Sgt Mateusz Bruch, Cdt Sgt Julian Abramowicz, Cdt Sgt Mikołaj Żochowski, Cdt Sgt Dominik Kawalec, Cdt Sgt Cezary Regulski, Cdt Sgt Paweł Stus,  C/CPL Piotr Kulikowski and Cdt LCpl Paweł Szypulewski.

Reserve Team: Cdt Sgt Michał Jędrychowski and Cdt Sgt Piotr Leszczyński.

Trip coordinator 2nd Lt Krzysztof Troca.


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