On 2 and 3 November 2019 the Spartan World Trifecta Championship took place in Sparta, Greece. The competition was attended by competitors from all over the world, who on the eve of the competition marched, nation by nation in the Parade of Nations. The Polish representation was led by Lt. Agata Pietroszek.

The championship was held at three distances: Sprint, Super and Beast. The total result of the races determined the winners. The competitors had to run about 16 km (with 25 obstacles) and 8 km (with 20 obstacles) on the first day and about 27 km (with 30 obstacles) on the second day. The routes ran through olive groves, orange plantations, mountains and river beds. There were numerous obstacles awaiting everyone, such as wire entanglements, high walls, stages with heavy load transport, javelin throw to the target, rope climbing, multirigs and nets.

Lt. Agata Pietroszek took the second place in her age category three times. In the final classification she also took second place, becoming world vice-champion in the 25-29 age category. She defended the title from last year, which was not an easy feat, because the competitors set the bar much higher.


text and photos:AWL

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