On 7.12.2019, the 3rd AWL Rector-Commandant Cup Uniformed Services Championships in Combat Sports were held at the Military University of Land Forces in Wrocław. 116 participants competed for victory in four disciplines: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, karate and wrestling. Soldiers won the team classification, before firefighters and prison officers.

Representatives of several uniformed services took part in the competition. "We have sent invitations to 29 teams, not only our departmental ones, which compete in general sports, but also from other uniformed services. Among others, we have invited the Internal Security Agency, the Railway Protection Service, the Central Investigation Bureau, police officers and firefighters. Most teams have sent representatives," says Lt. Col. Dariusz Lenart, Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the AWL.

Compared to last year, this year, the organizers of the championships changed the programme of the competition. Previously, the athletes competed for medals in Greco-Roman wrestling, judo and no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu. This time, participants competed in freestyle wrestling, judo, no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kyokushin karate. Two disciplines – judo and karate – also included women's competitions. "Our choice was determined by the popularity of the disciplines, as well as our organisational capabilities," says Lt. Col. Lenart.

Of the 18 final fights, spectators could especially enjoy the Brazilian jiu-jitsu duel in the over 85 kg category between Pte. Cezariusz Kęsik and Pte. Artur Skrzypiec. "They are both known from their performance in professional fights. Their duel was very exciting. In fact, excitement applies not only to that duel; other fights have also shown that the competitors were no amateurs. Most of the competitors we have watched here occasionally participate in professional events in individual combat sports disciplines and represent a very high level of sports skills," emphasizes the head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the AWL.

The final fight in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the over 85 kg category was won by Pte. Cezariusz Kęsik, who several weeks ago had defeated Aleksander Ilić at the Martial Arts Confrontation event in Zagreb. Pte. Kęsik from the 1st Road and Bridge Battalion in Dęblin admitted that the final fight was for him the most difficult confrontation during the championships in Wrocław. "I'm glad that I was able to win, and I also congratulate Artur Skrzypiec on an excellent fight. He is a great competitor, which I was able to experience first-hand during this year's Support Inspectorate Championships in Judo, when I won the third place fight against him. Artur also competes in professional MMA and I'm glad that I won against him today on points," says Pte. Cezariusz Kęsik.

The over 85 kg category in Brazilian jiu-jitsu had some very strong competitors. Third place was won by 2nd Lt. Stanisław Ślusakowicz from the 65th Light Infantry Battalion of the 6th Mazovian Territorial Defense Brigade, whose way to the final was blocked by the recent winner of the Martial Arts Confrontation event in Croatia. "I lost to a great opponent. On the other hand, I did win the bronze medal fight. Overall, I am pleased with my performance during the championships, though I do have a slight sense of dissatisfaction," says the officer from the 6th Mazovian Territorial Defense Brigade. The bronze medalist also admitted that the number of strong competitors in his weight category shows that the skill level of uniformed services in combat sports is increasing.

Junior Warrant Officer Artur Michalkiewicz, head referee of the championships in wrestling, was pleased with the rising level of the competition. "I'm glad that more competitors entered this year. There were more fights, and their level was higher than last year. I hope that through cooperation with the Polish Wrestling Federation, we will be able to invite even more good wrestlers for the next championships," says the former top-class Greco-Roman wrestler. The WO especially appreciated the competitors who fought in the final matches in the up to 70 kg and up to 87 kg categories. "I was impressed by Robert Rogalewicz, who ended his career a long time ago, and yet won the final fight against Marcin Mokołajczyk. I also enjoyed the fight for championship victory between Michał Kośla and Ryszard Leśniewski," adds the head referee of the championships in wrestling.

The champions of the 3rd AWL Rector-Commandant Cup Uniformed Services Championships in Combat Sports were as follows: wrestling – Robert Rogalewicz (in the up to 70 kg category), Rafał Paliński (-77kg), Michał Kośla (-87 kg), Konrad Dzwoniarek (+90 kg); karate – Gabriela Kostrzewa (women's open), Roman Hadrian (-70 kg), Tomasz Semeniuk (-80 kg), Dawid Ryk (-90 kg), Mateusz Szcześniak (+90 kg); judo – Dominika Błach (-57 kg), Bartosz Pawlicki (-73 kg), Paweł Hojzer (-81 kg), Robert Błoński (-90 kg), Roman Błoński (+90 kg); Brazilian jiu-jitsu – Jan Kowalski (-69 kg), Michał Szeliga (-77 kg), Marek Wrzaszcz (-85 kg) and Cezariusz Kęsik (+85 kg.). Jacek Szustakowski autor st. szer. Piotr PATEK


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