The involvement of the AWL community in various charities shows the great empathy of cadets and civilian students.

Students of the University regularly visit and support the charges of the Wrocław Centre for Care and Education, the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God Hospice and the Wrocław Cape of Hope. With great enthusiasm, they join charity collections to raise money or gather necessities for the charges of the Noble Gift action.

During the meetings, they help patients in small everyday matters. They distribute lunches, provide company during meals and tend to the garden. They also invite everyone to sing patriotic and religious songs together. Sincere smiles and emotional tears can be seen on the patients' faces during each meeting. Every visit pours a sea of joy into the hearts of children and adults.

For the youngest, the students prepare a number of attractions, which are normally out of reach for the charges, but are readily accessible here, e.g. a demonstration of small arms, whose principles of operation the children learn under the guidance of instructors.

Such visits give all patients hope for a sunny and better tomorrow. They awaken the much-needed faith, especially in the hospice, where each day the charges fight for their lives and health.

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