During training ground sessions, soldiers from various military units use the Laser Shooting Simulator (LSS), which belongs to the Military University of Land Forces.

It is a perfect tool for training, building the awareness in soldiers that they are not immortal.  The system informs them of every shot and can eliminate them from the fight.  So how the training with the LSS is conducted?  The soldiers wear special equipment when storming the enemy's command centre.  The LSS creates vests equipped with detectors that record all shots and with speaker that transmits messages, e.g. about shots.  The vest connects wirelessly to a computer - the heart of the system - and to other elements.  In addition, helmet and weapon are also equipped with detectors.  - The system uses GPS transmitters to record the soldier's position and his standing or lying posture. During the shot both laser beam and flash are triggered.  The LSS works out during bilateral exercises and, after the exchange of fire, it indicates the soldiers who have been hit. The computer allows to determine with great accuracy at what distance from the soldier a shot was fired or whether he was hit - explains Capt Dawid Dobies from Tactical Simulation Department of the AWL. - If a soldier has been wounded, the so called "life clock" is activated.  It calculates how long the victim can survive if nobody helps them. Of course, if help is given to the victim, the system will also record the fact - he adds.

text: Magdalena Kowalska-Sendek, "Polska Zbrojna" magazine, AWL

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