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Between 21st and 24th June our Academy was the main organizer of international Military Academic Forum (iMAF2016). Military Academy of Land Forces (MALF) hosted 137 participants from 42 institutions and 22 countries. Together with our Academy also National University of Public Service (Hungary), Nicolae Balcescu Land Forces Academy (Romania), Theresan Military Academy (Austria) and University of Defence (Czech Republic) are Forum members.

The core ideas behind iMAF is to create joint international educational initiatives and sharing best practices with regards to joint education modules.

Participants of the Wroclaw meeting worked in five groups and focused on the evolution of international semester programme within “Strategic Partnership” project. The programme is dedicated for military students. The results of their work were handed over in the late afternoon to Scientific Committee , that initiated the analysis of gathered data.

Interesting elements of Forum are Topic breaks organized by particular academic institutions consisting iMAF. On the first day of the meeting Theresan Military Academy representatives treated everyone with their national cakes. In the following days breaks were organized by representatives from Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic.

On 23rd of June (third day of the Forum) the cooperation agreement between our Academy and the University of North Georgia (UNG) has been signed. Based on the provisions of the agreement and reciprocity rule both institutions will begin an academic and research cooperation. On behalf of UNG, the agreement was signed by Dr Bonita C. Jacobs, President of the University, and on behalf of MALF, Colonel Dariusz Skorupka, DSc, Associate Professor, MALF Rector-Commandant. The signing ceremony was also observed by the closest associates of UNG President and MALF Rector-Commandant, as well as members of iMAF Honorary and Scientific Committees. The first exchanges are planned for summer semester of academic year of 2016/2017. The day was concluded with a ceremonial dinner.

During the last day of the meeting the iMAF symbol was handed over to General Rudolf Urban, Chief of delegation from the National University of Defence (Czech Republic), that will be the host of the next edition of iMAF. General Urban briefly discussed scientific and organizational aspects of the next year’s conference and invited all participants to take part in it.


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