SP Erasmus

On 27th and 28th of February in National University of Public Service (NUPS), Hungary, the 4th working meeting of Academies participating in “Creating international semester regarding military education needs for future officers in Europe” project from Erasmus+ Program took place.

Military Academy of Land Forces (MALF) was represented by Colonel Tomasz SMAL, PhD, Major Marcin BIELEWICZ, PhD, Major Piotr PIETRAKOWSKI, PhD and Mrs. Anna ZAMIAR-ZIÓŁKOWSKA.

During the first part of the meeting delegates discussed organizational details concerning the project as a whole. It was followed by a summary of actions taken and results of intellectual work achieved so far.

In the next part of the meeting delegates discussed in detail the organization and course of Joint Mobility carried out during an international semester for students participating in the project.

In addition, participants made a plan for an evaluating process of both International Semester and results of intellectual progress made during that semester.


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