SP Erasmus

Day 1 - 15.05.2017 r.

Monday was the first day of the course named "Cyber Security" in University Of Public Service in Budapest.

At the morning, we met with Col. Kovac and he introduced to us the course leaders and made a short speech about the course. After that we moved to classroom, where Col. Kovac made the security briefing and generally described course point and showed schedule for whole week.

Next we split up for two groups and started our own course type. On the classes 1st Lt. Szabo introduced to us how we should learn, what is the reliable source of information and how to use many sources in same moment to prove the reliability of information that we find in internet. Also he showed us some very interesting websites about cyber awareness and e-learning NATO cybersecurity awareness course.


Day 2 – 16.05.2017

The second day of lessons which concerned mobility was accomplished with the support of the National University of Public Service in Budapest.

In the morning we began the lesson by recapping basic information and knowledge gained on the day before. Then, 1st Lt Szabo who lead the lesson shown us how to use our e-learning platforms and we had to became acquainted with some tasks.

After that, 1st Lt Szabo made a speech about IP addresses. He told us how to choose, change and what is the most important how to secure that kind of addresses. Leader of the course presented short historical feature of the IT technology, including facts and stories connected with that subject. After that, there was a short presentation about opportunities in the networking and about definitions of “Cyber World”. According to the speech about history of IT, 1st Lt Szabo shown us a few profiles of the famous hackers who are well known in the IT environment.

After that we were discussing about problems connected with cyber war: reasons, ways of leading the conflicts and solutions of the problems. All of that points lead to determining the Cyber Security strategy. Connected with attacking and what is more important, connected with defending.

Lessons took about four hours and it was very interesting. After activities we had time to make training and to prepare to the next day.


Day 3 – 17.05.2017

Today, we attended classes at National University of Public Service in Budapest. We were divided into 2 groups for 2 different courses: Cyber Security and Electronic Warfare. We were working with cadets from Hungary and from University of Defence in Brno.

The Cyber Security classes started at 9.00 Our teacher – 1st Lt Andras Szabo asked us to prepare some presentations about the security of using computers and mobile devices.

We mentioned problems with security of e-mails, downloading files, visiting unknown websites etc. After presentations 1st Lt Szabo shared his knowledge and completed our speeches. Moreover, he told us some interesting facts.

After the beginning we concentrated on the main topic: different kinds of defend tactics.

We were given a lecture about different types of malware, their working mechanics, types of hackers and their aims. We also were told how antivirus programs and firewall worked.


Day 4 - 18.05.2017

Today the last day of the lectures was held. The class was divided into two blocks.

First of which started at 9:00 and its topic concerned “Electronic Warfare Actions and Measures” and “Electronic Warfare Management”. Col. Heig from the Military Faculty of University Of Public Service was the lecturer.

His lecture consisted of a multimedia presentation and multiple short movies illustrating the topics. Presented material was very informative and comprehensive. After the first course ended at 11:20, than we had a short break.

The rest of the course was held by people partaking in the project. Our job was a short introduction to the topic of our choose. The form of our presentation was determined by the lecturer (multimedia presentation). Every presentation ended with a discussion and questions from Col. Heig. It was supplemented by additional details and topics that could be missed by presenting person.

The last few minutes were devoted to revising the key topics and teaching us how to prepare for the final exam. We received many valuable lessons and additional sources from which we can learn more. After the course was over, we headed out for a meal along with the cadets from the Czech Republic University of Defence from Brno.

The rest of the day we trained individually, befriending the other members of the project, getting ready to leave and studying for next day’s test. The second group’s day and course were conducted similarly to ours.


Day 5 - 19.05.2017

Last day together with the cadets from Czech Republic we moved to our classroom in order to summarize the week. That day our task was to write 30 minute long exam to check our knowledge and skills about Cyber Security and Electronic Warfare. After that Col. Kovac announced a short speech about importance of these topics. The same as the previous time we had to write a feedback about these courses. At the end Col. Kovac showed us some information about next part of the course which would take place in Poland. Approximately at 11:30 we left the partnership academy and directed to Wrocław.



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