SP Erasmus

Last stage of the test took place in Wroclaw from 24th of June to 7th of July 2017, when the most practical part of the programme – Military Leadership Module – was tested by all cadets from the test group.

Additionally MULF invited participants out of partnership (including cadets from Greece, Italy and USA).

During two-week intensive course MULF hosted 67 cadets from Europe and USA.

Classes were carried by 20 instructors and academics from partners academies as well as from associated institution.



During the first week participants attended lectures and practical exercises. The main topics were: tactics of subunits (especially international battle groups), SERE, decision making process, collaboration with media and negotiations.

For the second week students were deployed to Mountain Training Centre “High Rock” in Szklarska Poręba. Students had to face up to practical tasks. Participants were divided into 2 teams: Alpha and Bravo. Both teams had to complete SERE training. Cadets had to build shelters, purify waters with handmade filters, prepare meal, all this avoiding detection by an enemy.

There was also medical training “Combat Livesaver”, when participants had to extract wounded soldier from shelter, administer first aid and evacuate him from the hot zone to the safe place.

During exercises cadets had different roles and everyone had an opportunity to be in charge.



At the end of the course all participants were divided into 6 teams. They were only informed to be prepared for field exercises. Some of students equipped themselves with rope, others with flinches, nobody knew what were they waiting for. The only information was that they would have 6 tasks to complete.

Firstly, there was a 6-meters tall wall to climb, without any special equipment. Additionally, students were forbidden to talk.

At the beginning cadets had to bring two standpipes, 100 kilos each, up the hill. The other tasks were: transporting injured soldier, crossing over basin, cooking an egg. Final task was “Capture the flag”. Participants had to move under fire and capture the flag in specific time.



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