SP Erasmus

Between 19th and 23th of June 2017 second multiplier event was organized by University of Defence in Komornik Hradek (Czech Republic).

University of Defence together with other project partners hosted over 80 participants from 24 institutions and 17 countries.

The iMAF 2017 audience consisted of 62 academicians and experts involved in management and administrative support of higher educational institutions, internationalization in particular and 18 students (mainly participant of Strategic Partnership Project).

The aim of iMAF2017 was to create conditions for accelerated implementation of international semester and further internationalization related to activities in in the European military higher education area.

The objectives of iMAF2017 were:

  • Identify, discus and classify different prospectives of international semester’s implementation.
  • Identify, discus and classify different views of the relation between quality, assurance and internationalization in professional higher military education.

During the first day of Forum all participants were familiarized with the idea as well as with main activities and outcomes of the Strategic Partnership Project given by Project Coordinator – Mrs. Anna Zamiar-Ziółkowska from Military University of Land Forces.

Other speakers paid a special attention in their briefings especially on internationalization in professional military education and common initiatives dedicated to military students.

Last two days of iMAF2017 were dedicated to syndicate work. iMAF 2017 participants were divided into 5 syndicates to discuss and to indicate main opportunities and threats connected with potential implementation of international semester.



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