SP Erasmus

The International Semester – developed during the Strategic Partnership Project – will be implemented with the majority of prepared Common Modules in the regular study program in each Partner Institutions. Because of specific accreditation’s pre-conditions, the International Semester will be implemented in different ways.

The added value of the project is unquestionably implementation of International Semester by Hellenic Army Academy (Academy out of strategic partnership institutions, which decided to implement international semester).

The implementation of the project outputs are foreseen as follow:

  1. The education institution implements the International Semester as a whole, as one of their Bachelor Degree level semesters. It is possible during building the new programs or preparation for re-accreditation. This is already done by Hellenic Army Academy and Romanian Military Academy. Polish Military University of Land Forces included the International Semester in the newly accredited Leadership curriculum (BA). Other EU military academies are in preparation to re-accreditation of their programs and including the International Semester in their respective programs (e.g. Portuguese and Italian Military Academies).
  2. The education institution implements elements, courses of the developed International Semester, and implements it to various semesters throughout entire Bachelor Study Program. It is possible without any re-accreditation procedures.
  3. The education institution implements selected courses of the International Semester to their educational offer, and run them as independent, one or two-week programs. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to implement the content of the International Semester, where the stricter rules or longer intervals between re-accreditation procedures are present.

The overarching idea behind the various ways of implementation of the content of the developed International Semester is to create more mobility, exchanges, opportunities for military students and decrease possibility of the double workload while participating in the exchange programs.


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