SP Erasmus

Cadets from five European military academies participated in the test phase of the Strategic Partnership Project “Creating international semester regarding military education needs for future officers in Europe” organized during the summer semester of 2017. Students had the opportunity to test many of the military education modules such as: military leadership, law of armed conflict, cyber security and more. The whole activity was crowned with an intensive military leadership course organized by Military University of Land Forces.

At the end of each phase of the course, the participants completed the survey in which they expressed their opinion on the quality, relevance and affordability of the materials.

The assessment was based on the practical part of the course, materials up-loaded on the e-learning platform and e-books.

By the end of each residential phase every student received evaluation form divided in xxx parts.

In the first part they were evaluating e-books, after that e-learning materials and finally classes conducted during the residential phases.

In the evaluation form they also received opportunity to indicate (descriptive part) positive and negative aspects of the project.

Final results of the evaluation:

ST modules


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