SP Erasmus

Main activities:

Project consists of 4 primary activities:

  1. TRANSNATIONAL PROJECT MEETINGS (WORKSHOPS) for the Project Management Teams will be organized 5 times at the beginning of the project by different Partners (1- Poland, 2- Austria, 3- Czech Republic, 4- Hungary, 5- Romania). The aim of the workshops is to define a programme of the common education modules and to develop educational materials.
    The Project Management Team will be constitute in each Institution and will be composed of 3 members:
    - A project manager – a coordinator of the Partnership and POC;
    - An expert academic – a tutor responsible for creating educational programme;
    - A project administrator – a person in charge of an efficient internal and external communication and financial issues.
    There will be established the Programme Board of the project that consisted of 5 members (one representative from each Academy/University) that aims to evaluate creating an educational programme of a international semester, make strategic decisions and supervise the entire project.
  2. INTELECTUAL OUTPUT – website, manuals, e-learning platform and e-books.
  3. MULTIPLIER EVENTS – such as conferences - the first one by the end of workshops to present assumptions for the international semester (during IMAF conferences in Poland) and the second one by the end of project to share and disseminate result of the project.
  4. INTERNATIONAL SEMESTER in the form of the blended mobility – 9 educational modules use by military students online as the part of the virtual mobility and a short-term physical mobility – the Intensive Course organized by MALF at the end of the international semester. The Course will be composed of the theoretical activities (lectures, workshops, syndicate work) as well as the practical outdoor activities.



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